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19 (2023)

A solo exhibition showing my collection of haiku and illustrations. These poems were written through the pandemic to remind me of the small moments of happiness in the mundane things. I was so proud to curate, plan and fund my exhibition of something I made that I truly love.

Exhibition - Illustration - Event planning

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Designing Otter Amber (2022)


First trying this on a family holiday I fell in love with it. I felt like it needed a friendly welcome on the front to match the warmth of this amber.

Branding - Illustration - Mockups

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Co-op International Women's Day (2023)


A LinkedIn post created to celebrate leading women in the business and to give advice to future women in the work place. 

Branding - Graphic Design - Social Media 

Untitled_Artwork 16.PNG

Book cover design (2024)  


Recreating a book I recently read with a completely new aesthetic. I retraced the book and brainstormed ideas that could capture the many elements of the book. As a reader, I like to look at the cover after reading to see what the illustrator saw in the book. For me, I wanted to nod to the many storylines through flowers, a key theme that runs out the book and the grasping of a new life through a bouquet. 

I highly recommend the book for the girlies.

Publication - Illustration - Research 


Egg (2020)  

During my second year of uni I was struck by love... of zines. A trying time and hair loss made me buzz my hair off. Experiencing a mixture of opinions and society's standards I created a zine to combat it. I reached out to women who had shaved their heads for fashion, health and mental breakdowns. It was a publication to inspire and let their voices be heard. 

This was later featured in R.I.P Zine by Raw print.

Publication - Illustration - Research - Self Devised


Head over Heart (2024)


A common fighting feeling I have with my work is using my head and heart in tandem. This animation shows how sometimes my heart can become too invested in feedback and criticism. However, my head comes to the rescue to remind me it will only make me better as a designer if I embrace and understand it.

Animation - Illustration - Perspective

Learn 2.png

Embrace learning in 2024

I'm not the only that uses mood boarding and vision boards to help guide them in the year to come (I see your pinterest boards). This year I wish to learn, whether that be about myself, a new recipe, a crochet stitch or a fact about cats, I am here for it all. 

Collage - Procreate - Idea generation


Commuters (2024)

Being stuck on a tram at peak rush hour can allow your brain to think of some very weird and wonderful things. In this example, I thought the tram supports you hang on to, looked like the commuters themselves and an illustration was born.

Illustration - Procreate 

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Aesop Mother's Day card (2022)

As Mother's Day was approaching I wanted to create a publication that represented the Manchester Aesop. This time of year can be a sore spot for many and I didn’t want people to feel excluded from a celebration centred around women. With zines being my speciality and a big in the Manchester art scene, I created the Mothers + Others publication with the question 'What women inspire you in your life?'

Type - Publication - Brand

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Tarantonio Gabriella FASH3009 outcome zine _Page_01.jpg

Ugh (2021)  

For my final year project, I created a platform and publication to guide you to being okay with being alone. As the rate of marriage is decreasing and the pressure of finding your true love is written into consumerism I wanted to help people challenge that narrative in their own way. Ugh is a write-your-own storybook which takes you through different situations where we are made to feel like it should be done as a duo. I didn't want to go down the road of cliche self-help, I wanted to keep it fun and transparent to match what my demographic resonated with. I loved creating this project and took my research advice as well. 

Marketing - Research - Publication

Mental_Block 2.gif

Headblock  (2024)

At times I feel like ideas and questions bounce around my brain like the 2000's DVD logo. But we all know that talking it out, is the best way to resolve it. 

Illustration - Procreate - Animation


City Sprites (2024)

Nothing to this other than the sprites in the city that bathe in the artificial moonlight.

Illustration - Procreate - Animation

Frayed knot.webp

Frayed Knot pale ale - Baron Brewery (2022)


As a beer lover, I was very excited when my dream became a reality. With only the name to go by, I decided to create a label that was playful and colourful. This complimented their previous branding as well as my love of play on words.

Illustration - Branding - Freelance

Untitled_Artwork 71.png

Cosy (2024)

I think we all know where my head was when drawing this. In the middle of Manchester's January snow.

Illustration - Procreate

12-1-24 d.a.d.gif

Always tired (2024)

We all know that Friday feeling. 

Illustration - Procreate - Animation


Drumming frustration (2024)

One of my hobbies at the moment is currently learning the drums. It is never too late to learn a new skill but this one has my mind boggled! 

Illustration - Procreate - Animation


Death Notes (2021)  

As the second instalment of R.I.P Zine, we were asked to think about our demise. I personified death to be an exhausted creature, who also wishes for his demise. The inspiration came from the manga Death Note by Tsugumi Ohba, the character that follows the protagonist around and the book felt like this could be Death's diary.

This was later featured in R.I.P Zine II by Raw Print.

Publication - Illustration - Research 

Brewdog can design .png

Speedbird (2023)

Brewdog's x British Airways competition was to create a can design for the Speedbird. I went with a bird that can't fly and needs a lift. A playful and brand appropriate spin on the beer.

Illustration - Brand - Graphic Design

More salt article.png

more salt (2024)

My submission for the more salt no. 4 was the illustrations I did for my baking page. This was a rhubarb and strawberry crumble cake. It was featured along with other talented writers and illustrators.

Illustration - Publication - Social Media


Always cold (2024)

To add to my 'Always' series, I captured how I wish to dress every day till May. 

Illustration - Procreate - Animation

Untitled_Artwork 3.JPG

Bluebeary beer - Beartown Brewery  (2022)

I love Winnie-the-Pooh very much. So when I saw this beer, I knew I needed a bear enjoying his blueberry jam as much as I enjoyed this tasty IPA.

Illustration - Branding 


Bread and Butter - Vocation Brewery (2022)

Nothing beats bread and butter, except when the butter's too cold and it rips the bread. That was the frustration I wanted to show in this design.

Illustration - Brand

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