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Haiku hoodie - after searching the internet for hours to find the most perfect hoodie i decided to design my own. Inspired by my character and haikus I created my haiku hoodie. From creating the design to layout, I really loved creating something for me with my own work on it!

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Recreations of famous paintings - when bored in lockdown my sister and I decided to create some art - literally! It took us a day to make these 3 masterpieces.

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If my trainers  had friends - Because of my love of trainers, I decided to create little characters that I think would live in them. The designers were inspired by the silhouette and names given to the shoes.

haiku painting.png

A handful of Haikus  - Through lockdown I decided to write poetry to appreciate the walks I had every day. As my freedom grew I still wanted to practice muga (loss-of-awareness-of-oneself) and admire my scenery, urban or natural!


Edible fashion - I decided to take my love for baking to the next level. I created and modelled a collection of my bread line - I hope you enjoy the 'loafers'


Sticky Cortez - When flicking through my trainer book one day (as you do) I decided to recreate this class silhouette with my crazy amount of tape. The different textures and colours were difficult but very fun to work with - I would cop them!

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