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Size? x Restoration

Fashion Film brief

In the midst of the pandemic we were asked to create a fashion film for the trainer loving brand Size? (as a lover of trainers myself, this was probably my most favourite project I’ve done up to date). The aim was to create a fashion film for the Size? consumer inspired by a film given to us, the film I was given was ‘Drowning by Numbers’ directed by Peter Greenaway. Due to the rapid increase in Tik Tok and the creative boom that happened during lockdown, I decided to recreate famous pieces of art but with a streetwear twist. This would capture the imagination of the size? consumer whilst bringing together the sneakerhead community. I loved this project so much as it’s a topic I’ve been invested in for years (having a shoe collection of 30+ pairs) and the skills I developed in film production.

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Skills involved - Digital mockup designer, Contextual researcher, Idea generator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Visual content creation, Storyboarding

Individual Project

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